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The Ultimate FanFic Challenge

Can you do it?

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The Ultimate FanFic Challenge!
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The Ultimate FanFic Challenge



NEW!Add fanfic100_admin as a friend. All mod posts, all new information, anything you need to know that's happening to or about fanfic100 is going to be there. If you miss something, it's not our fault if you're not reading that journal!

Step One:Read the complete FAQs. Then, pick a fandom. It can be anything, from anywhere. Harry Potter to Star Wars and anything in between. A show, a movie, a book, a group, a pairing, a character. Anything you are a fan of! Be sure to check the big damn table first, only one person per each item is allowed. Check and claim it here.

Step Two:ONCE YOU ARE ACCEPTED and not before:
  • Post here with your exact claim so that a new tag can be added for you.
  • If you would like your table linked on the Big Damn Table, post the link here.

Step Three:
Write one hundred fanfics centered around this fandom you’ve chose. You can use old stuff that you’ve written before, or new stuff. Fictions, drabbles, poems, scripts. Anything is game as long as it is set in your fandom. You don't have to post them all at once. You can do one at a time, or a couple, or whatever you want.

What information do I need to add when I post?

And the catch: each of the fics must fit into one of the following prompts.
031.Sunrise.032.Sunset.033.Too Much.034.Not Enough.035.Sixth Sense.
091.Birthday.092.Christmas.093.Thanksgiving.094.Independence.095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.
If you would like the HTML of this table to keep track in your own journal, click here.

Are there any deadlines?
♥ Nope. Your set is done when you finish it! No rush, no pressure. It’s supposed to be fun, remember! But it would be really shiny if you could post at least once a week, so I know you’re still working on it!

Do I have to pick a specific focus?
♥ No. You can pick ‘general series’. Or you can pick one specific character. Or a pairing. If you want a pairing, both characters must be from the same thing, be it movie, tv show, band, etc.

If I pick a pairing, does every fic have to have that pairing in it? What about if I pick a single character? What if I pick a group?
♥ Not exactly. If you pick a pairing, then all the fics must have both characters in it, but the relationship does not need to be the focus of every single fic. For example, if you chose Mal and Inara, you could write a fic that’s almost all about Mal, but there has to be at least a passing mention of Inara somewhere in there.
♥ If you choose one character, that character must be the focus of all the fics. He doesn't have to be -in- every fic, but the fics somehow need to be about him or strongly involve him. When I read the fic, I want to think about him.
♥ If you choose a group, the group must be mentioned in the fic, but you do not have to include every member in every fic. The fic may be about one specific member of the group, but there must be some mention of the group itself in relation to the character.

What is considered a group? What can I claim for a group?
♥ They have to be a named team or group of some sort. There can be a group of two people, but they must be an actual group or family. For exampe, in Harry Potter, you can claim Gryffindors or The Black Family. You cannot claim Female Characters (which is too big to be a group) or a pairing of two grops such as Gryffindors and Slytherins (which is two groups).

Can I claim a canon character paired with an original character?
♥ No. You may use OCs in your fics, but your claim may only be of canon characters. Anyone mentioned or featured in your fandom is canon.

Can I claim a crossover pairing?
♥ No. All members of your claim must be from the same thing. That means the same band, the same version of the show or the same movie. For example, you may not claim Lennie Briscoe (from Law & Order) and Robert Goren (from Law & Order: CI) as a pairing since they never appeared in the same show together. You may not claim people from two different bands. For example, you cannot claim a member of My Chemical Romance and a member of The Used as a pairing.
♥ If your pairing have both appeared in two different shows, you may claim them from both shows. For example, you may claim Angel and Cordelia Chase from both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer since they both appeared together on both shows.
♥ Crossovers in the fics themselves are discussed in an FAQ below.

If I pick general, can I use characters the have been picked by other people?
♥ Yes. If you pick general series, you can use every character that passed through the series. If you picked a pairing, you must use both of those characters, but you may include any other characters with them. Same applies if you picked one character. For example (thanks becky_h), if you have X-Men general series, you can write about any pairings of any X-Men, Scott/Jean, Erik/Xavier, Emma/Angel, etc, no matter if someone has picked Scott or Emma or Xavier. If you have Scott, you can write about Scott with any other X-Man, Scott/Jean, Scott/Warren, Scott/Bobby, etc, no matter if someone has picked Jean or Warren or Bobby. If you picked Scott/Warren, you have to include both Scott and Warren in your fics, no matter if someone else picked Scott or Warren. I hope that clears it up.

How do I get on the Waitlist?
♥ You simply state in your comment that you'd wish it to be waitlisted instead. You go to the exact same place, you just need to state it's meant for waitlisting.
What ratings are allowed?
♥ Any and all. Just make sure that every single fic is rated before the lj-cut so people know what they're clicking on. I use the G to NC-17 system because it's well known. If you are going to use another letter system, please explain what the letter means.

What is the minimum word count? Can I write a haiku?
♥ One hundred words is minimum to count as a fic. You can write a series of haikus, or a poem, if you want.

When do I post? All a once or one at a time?
♥ As you finish them. If you are posting more than one fic at a time, please put them all in the same post if they are from the same claim.

Are fake cuts okay?
♥ Links are shiny, feel free.

How many fandoms can I claim at once?
♥ If you want to do more than one, you can. But you need to work on both at the same time.

What is the policy on AU? What about crossovers?
♥ AU is shiny. Most fic is AU to some degree, else it's just a novelization. Keep crossovers to a waaaay minimum. Ten fics, max.

What is a crossover? What about with RPF?
♥ A crossover would be if you, say, wrote a fic pairing Scott Summers with Greg House. It is two fandoms that never interact and could never possibly interact with you working some magic. If you've picked a real person, and that real person in real life knows some other real person that isn't a crossover, that's part of his 'verse. Now, I'm fine with stretching this a little when it comes tom who the people may know as long as your person is the main character of the story and it's from their POV.
♥ Futher example to clear this all up: If you picked Harry Potter, in his 'real life' he knows many people, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid. If you included any of these characters, it would not be a crossover. It is the same way for real people. If you have AJ McLean, he knows (to some degree) other boyband folk. So if you included JC or Lance, that is not a crossover. If you were to pair Harry Potter and AJ McLean, that is a crossover.

Can we post the stories elsewhere that we write for this?
♥ Yep, they're yours, you can do whatever you want with 'em. This anarchist just can't abide by too many rules.

Do we have to post them in order? Or can I post number 63 before number 1, etc?
♥ You don't have to post them in any order. Grab whichever prompt tickles your muse. That also goes for the timeline of the fandom. You can post a future fic, then a past, etc.

How central do the prompt words have to be to the story?
♥ The word does not have to be in the fic. The fic simply has to at least suggest the word. Any take on the word. Don't feel the need to stick to the implied meaning. (This is why lightening has the 'e' in it!)

Can I use more than one prompt in one fic?
♥ Nope. One prompt per fic. That way you have 100 fics, which is rather the point of the challenge, see?

If someone has had their claim a long time and it doesn't look like they're ever going to finish it or work on it again, what do I do?
♥ Go to the journal this person has claimed with and check the date of the last post. If it's been less than six months, find out when they last added to their table (check the table post). If that has been more than six months, post a comment to that post, asking if they are willing to give up their claim. If the journal has not been posted to in more than six months, post a comment to the table post (you don't have to check the fic). After one week, if the person does not reply to the claim, post a link to this comment in your claim comment, along with the steps you've taken, and you may have the claim.

How do I drop my claim?
♥ Well, first off, we're sad to see you go and hope to see you back when you can! To drop a claim, please post in the claim post using the journal you claimed with.

Can I take the table and do the challenge on my own and not post anything here or make a claim?
♥ You're more than welcome to use the table (a link back to the community would be great wherever you post it). If you find that you are starting to complete the table, you can apply for your claim at any time and post things you've already written.

Can I do a claim jointly with someone else?
♥ No. Part of the challenge is having to write all 100 fics by yourself.

I've changed my user name! Whatever shall I do since my claim is in my old name?
♥ Drop a post to the claims post with your new username and your old user name and your claim and we'll fix that right up.

Wow! So many fics are posted every day and it eats my flist! What can I do?
Join our Update Community. It will list all of the fics of the day in one neat post.

I want to make my own community like this, can I steal your table and stuff?
♥ Sure! The more the merrier! Just credit back to this group with a link. And once you are all set up, send an e-mail to me (vyvolat_hokej@livejournal) and I'll look into your community and add you to our list. Good luck! :)

I know I have to read all of these FAQs before I post, so how can I prove that I did?
♥ In the subject line of your claim, put the words Fanfic100 Claim. If you don't do this, I will delete your claim without comment. Let me say that again. Any claims posted after March 27, 2006 that does not have those two words in the subject line will be deleted without comment. I hope that's really clear.

I have a question that isn’t here, what do I do?
♥ You can YIM (lady_browncoat) me or e-mail me (vyvolat_hokej@livejournal.com) or send me a message through LiveJournal or you can ask in your claim post. It is NEVER okay to ask a question by posting in my personal journal.
Step Four:Once you are completely finished with all 100 fics, post here and you will receive a special banner that you can proudly display!

At that link you will also find a table of all the nuts that have already completed their claims, along with their word counts. Be amazed. And a little afraid. ;)
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