sadiekate (sadiekate) wrote in fanfic100,

Veronica Mars: Sheriff Lamb (#5: Outsides)

Title: Putting It Out There
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Lamb, Veronica
Prompt: #5: Outsides
Word Count: 532
Rating: PG-13

“You know, Mars, when I said I was available to help you out if you needed it, I didn't mean with your homework.”

They were sitting in his squad car, outside of a convenience store known for its lax carding policy. She had her hair in pigtails tonight, and he wondered if he should have made her ride in the backseat. The department was still getting backlash for that whole Seventh Veil thing, and he didn't want anyone to think he was receiving favors from some Lolita. Especially if it wasn't even true.

“My grade in civics class has been suffering. Seems my teacher is a big fan of ... Aaron Echolls.” Veronica managed to get out his name, with no small measure of distaste. "She's been grading my tests pretty harshly. Clemmons owes me some favors though, so if I do this ride-along as an extra credit project, I'm guaranteed to get a B in the class without even having to show up any more. Gotta love that great Neptune educational system. Donut?”

“No thanks,” he shook his head at her proffered snack food, and indicated his can of Pringles. “Contrary to popular belief, not all cops eat donuts. I'm more of a salty snack person myself.”

“It's all about the balance,” she said, pulling a bag of popcorn from her seemingly bottomless bag. “I like to alternate the salt and sweet.”

“Or maybe you're just fickle.”

“This ride-along is kind of boring,” she said around a mouthful of pastry, ignoring the dig. “Aren't there any major crimes going down?”

“Neptune's a much more boring town than you might think,” he said. “The only time anything seriously bad ever seems to happen is when you're involved. I might have you come along with me every night, just so the streets remain safe.”

“You know, if you want to spend time with me, all you have to do is ask. And then I'll say no.”

“You can't deny your feelings for me forever.”

“I'm the one with feelings? I requested to ride with Deputy Sachs. Since when does the Sheriff even go on patrol, anyway?”

“Deputy Sachs is afraid of you. He begged me to fill in.”

“That's such a shame,” she pouted. “I always was a sucker for a man with a moustache.”

“So, if I grow a moustache, you'll finally declare your undying love?”

She snorted derisively.

“Please. Like you could grow facial hair.”

A skinny teenager wandered into the convenience store looking furtively around. Lamb kept an eye on the door, but when he re-emerged, his hands were free of booze. A rolled-up magazine stuck out of the back pocket of his jeans; probably just porn. Veronica stifled a yawn.

“You know Mars, if you're really that bored, we could take the patrol car out to the beach and hang out in the backseat. I've got handcuffs ...” He was officially kidding, but he let his mind wander over the possibilities for a moment. She shot him a withering look.

“And I've got a taser,” she rejoined.

“Hey, just putting it out there.”

“Well, you can just ... put it back in,” she sputtered.

Luckily his radio crackled to life before he could think about that too much.
Tags: veronica mars: don lamb

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