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The Red Sox. Jon Lester/Clay Buchholz. 037. Sound.

Title: Your Surprise.
Fandom: The Red Sox.
Characters: Jon Lester/Clay Buchholz.
Prompt: 037 Sound.
Word Count: 2,525
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Josh called Clay up from Pawtucket as a surprise for Jon. However, Josh didn't think he would arrive early.
Author's Notes: The sequel to my prompt "Fall"

Jon woke up the same way he did the day before: completely unaware of what was going on. This time, however, there was no aftershave, no voice on the phone, and he was only encased be softness on three sides. The fourth side was warm and different from the rest. Jon peeked open one eye and found himself staring into something tanish. Once his eyes adjusted, he realized that it was skin. Then, once his mind unclouded from sleep, he realized whose skin it was: Josh’s.

Josh had one arm around Jon and one under his pillow. Jon had managed to snuggle himself up against Josh during the night and awoke that way. Jon tried to stretch out his legs a little, but he tapped Josh in the leg and was punctuated by a grunt from the Texan. Josh stirred a little and creaked one eye open. He looked down at Jon and smiled a groggy smile.

“Now how did you end up down there?” Josh asked. “Well, not that I’ve never asked you that before,” he chuckled. Jon shrugged his shoulders and yawned. Josh took the arm he had slung over Jon and used it to push him up just enough to see the clock on Jon’s bedside table. The LEDs flashed back 1:35 as Josh tisked and lay back in bed.

“What time is it?” Jon asked.

“One thirty,” Josh replied and rolled over onto his left side. Throwing aside the covers, Josh got out of bed and stood at the foot of it. Jon rolled onto his back just in time to see Josh, with his back to Jon, stretching away his sleep. The muscles in his back stood out against the shadows cast by the early afternoon sunlight. Jon let his eyes wander down to his sweet ass and took in every curve and every muscle twitch generated by Josh’s stretching and arching back. Josh stood normally once again and turned to face Jon.

“I’m going to call Tito, make sure the car is coming for us,” Josh said and walked over to the phone in the sitting room. Jon nodded. He threw the blankets aside and stood up by the side of the bed. He decided that he needed to actually take a shower and went to his drawers to gather his clothes he was going to wear. As he was walking into the bathroom, he heard Josh begin talking on the phone. Jon sighed lightly, knowing that he could at least get five minutes of peace in the shower now. He made a mental note that he wasn’t complaining, though. He obviously enjoyed the little shower escapades that he had with Josh, but he was in dire need for a real shower.

Jon put his clean clothes on the little table by the shower and placed his dirty ones in a pile next to the towel rack. His bare feet lightly echoed off the tiles in the bathroom as he walked over to the shower encasement. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. As he walked over to the multitude of nozzles, he had flashes of the night before. He turned on the water, hearing its refreshing splatter against the tiled floor of the shower. He was trying to push the other night’s memories out of his head, but it wasn’t really working. It wasn’t that he was trying to forget, he was just trying to not get himself all worked up; all he needed in the middle of a supposedly relaxing shower was an erection he couldn’t shake off.

Jon focused his attention on his shampoo: the bottle, the scent, the consistency, and the sudsing capabilities, basically anything except for the thought that he was standing in the same spot as the other night. He began humming to himself to keep his mind even further away. However, when Jon was done his hair and he picked up the bar of the soap to wash the rest of him, it slipped out of his hand and went flying. It landed with a “plunk” on the floor of the shower. Good thing I don’t do that with the ball Jon thought to himself.

He bent over to pick up the soap, but before he stood back up again, he craned his neck up to look at the mirror through the foggy glass of the shower. He saw himself bent over, perfect ass sticking up in the air. His mind placed Josh behind him, the same place he was in the night before. He remembered the way Josh’s hips felt against his ass: slightly bony, but surprisingly smooth. Jon felt his cock stir a little beneath him, and quickly stood up. He told himself again that it wasn’t because he didn’t like this feeling, but if he should happen to come out of the shower at half-mast he might give Josh the wrong ideas.

Jon finished his shower without any more “problems” and got dressed in the bathroom. When he walked out of the room, steam following him into the bedroom, Josh was already all dressed. He had the news on, again, and was sitting on the edge of the bed watching it. He turned around and smiled at Jon as he entered the room.

“Tito’s sending a car to get us in a few minutes. We got an hour on the field then we’re coming back here.” Jon looked puzzled.

“Just an hour?” Jon asked.

“Yeah. Why do you ask?” Josh asked defensively.

“Just wondering, that’s all,” he said timidly.

“Oh,” was Josh’s reply. His brain told him to calm down. They would be back just in time for Jon’s surprise to arrive. Josh forced a smile at Jon, who returned the gesture.

“Shouldn’t we be waiting downstairs?” Jon asked.

“Oh, yeah, we should. Thanks, Jonny,” Josh said and shut off the TV. He got up and the two pitchers left the room.

The car ride was uneventful to the field. They spent an hour pitching and got back in the car to the hotel. They stepped out of the car, waved good bye again, and stood under the hotel awning.

“So, what’s my surprise you promised me yesterday?” Jon asked Josh, who turned to smile at the lefty.

“You’ll see. It will be here soon enough,” Josh smirked evilly. Jon raised an eyebrow quizzically but let it go. They walked again into the hotel and onto the elevator. The hallway was silent as they walked to their room. Josh slipped the key into the slot and opened the door. They walked in and Josh put the key in the little bowl by the door.

“Hey, I’m going to get some ice, I’ll be back in a minute,” Josh said. “I’m leaving my key here, so I’m keeping the door propped open a little, ok?” Jon nodded and Josh was back out the door. Jon stood in the common area and watched the door stop just short of latching into the doorframe.

Jon walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. He began untying his sneakers when he heard the door creak. It was followed by footsteps into the hotel room.

“That was quick,” Jon yelled from the bedroom.

“Well I didn’t hit any traffic,” a voice that was not Josh’s responded. Jon’s eyes widened in panic for a second; then, he suddenly realized whose voice it was. Jon leapt to his feet and bolted into the sitting room. There, standing in all his goofy, lanky glory was Clay. Jon’s jaw could have hit the floor.

“Clay?” Jon exclaimed.

“Jon?” Clay returned the excitement. They ran to each other, arms open, and hugged for a few seconds in the middle of the sitting room. When they loosened their grip, Jon looked up slightly into Clay’s eyes.

“I’ve missed you, man,” Jon said. Clay smiled.

“I missed you too.” And, as if that was the secret password, they locked lips in the middle of the sitting room. Clay’s kiss was deep and passionate while Jon’s hinted at a longing that had just been satisfied. Jon parted his lips slightly and Clay slipped his tongue in. Jon felt himself almost getting week in the knees. It had been too long since he had felt Clay like this, and it was wrecking havoc on his central nervous system.

“The bed,” Jon whispered as they parted for only a second. Clay nodded and they ran into the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Josh was busy at the front desk. The ice machine wasn’t working. So, she sent him to the second floor machine. There was a line at that one. So, she sent him to the fourth floor one. That one wasn’t working either, and he refused to go to the fifth floor.

“I am not going that far out of my way for something that should be on my floor to begin with,” he stated with his characteristic Texan anger beginning to rear its ugly head.

While Josh was trying to get his ice, Clay was trying to get at Jon. Jon had sat down on the bed, his ass near the pillows and his legs bent and splayed at a wide angle. Clay was kneeling between Jon’s legs and was pulling down Jon’s shorts. He managed to maneuver himself around the shorts to he could get them off completely. Jon assisted and took off his shirt as Clay took off his own. Clay got in closer to Jon and took off his boxers.

Jon lay naked on the hotel bed, and Clay was crouched, shirtless, between his legs. Clay leaned in and left a trail of his signature wide-mouthed kisses all the way down Jon’s cock. When he reached the tip, he licked his way back up. Jon moaned from the headboard, and Clay took this as a signal to begin. He opened his wide mouth and took Jon in. Jon had missed Clay’s mouth, the mouth that drove him nuts. He used to watch Clay pitch from the dugout, seeing the faces he was making with that fantastic mouth, and would have to stop his cock from pressing up against his cup.

Jon reached down and took a handful of Clay’s hair in his hand. He soon placed the other hand delicately on the back of Clay’s head because it had nowhere else to go. Clay continued to move his tongue up and down Jon’s cock as he moved the rest of his mouth. He had gotten a steady rhythm by the time his own cock decided to press itself up against Clay’s jeans. Clay moaned at the contact and his sudden excitement. The vibration of the sound from the back of Clay’s throat made Jon almost cry out. Clay stopped blowing Jon and looked up at him. Jon had his eyes half-closed and his chest was heaving. His hands were pleadingly grabbing at Clay’s hair. Clay knew what all this meant: he was close. And Clay was slowly getting harder with every lick up or down Jon’s cock. He removed Jon from his mouth.

“Turn over,” Clay said and got off the bed. Jon was taken by surprise.


“I said turn over,” Clay repeated and began taking off his pants. Jon finally got the message and turned over. He balanced himself on the bed in the right position as Clay made his way to Josh’s bedside table. He opened the drawer and pulled out a small tube.

“How did you know that was there?” Jon asked. Clay smirked.

“It’s always there.” Jon chuckled because he knew Clay was right. Jon remained in his position on the bed as Clay put a little bit of the liquid into this hands. He rubbed it on his cock just enough; he didn’t want to set himself off too early. By the time he positioned himself back on the bed and behind Jon, the anticipation alone had made him as hard as possible. Clay placed one long hand on each of Jon’s ass cheeks and rubbed them up to Jon’s shoulder blades. He pressed his chest against the soft skin of Jon’s ass.

“I missed you,” Clay said before smirking, “and I missed your ass.” Clay chuckled and returned his hands to Jon’s hips. Clay readied himself and placed his cock just outside of Jon’s opening. His hands moved to Jon’s hips as he slowly eased himself in. Jon inhaled sharply, but it was released with a long, delighted moan. Clay had forgotten the feel of being inside Jon, and that alone almost drove him over the edge. He managed to stop himself, though, and began bucking his hips to move in and out of Jon.

After about half a dozen bucks, Jon moaned again, and tightened his muscles slightly. The new friction made Clay cry out, but it was not a wordless sound like Jon. It was Jon’s name. Jon knew he was close before, but when he heard Clay call his name like that, he quivered and came. I thought it was only Jacoby who quivered like that, Clay thought to himself. He slowed down his hip motions but Jon shook his head.

“No,” he moaned. “Keep going. I want you to fuck me, Clay. Like you used to.” Clay smirked and gave Jon a fast, deep thrust. Jon cried out from the shocking pleasure. “Oh, that’s the way you used to fuck me,” Jon cried. Clay moved his hips again, quickly and deep. Jon started to become hard again and tightened his muscles around Clay’s cock, hoping to suspend Clay’s climax. He wanted them to come together, like they used to. At that moment, that passionate moment, Jon was all about reminiscing. Clay moaned again, but did not come.

Clay moved his hips into Jon a few more times before he came. And, just as Jon wanted, he came at the same time. Clay slumped himself over Jon’s arched frame and began sprinkling kisses down Jon’s back. Jon quivered again as Clay slid himself out of Jon. They simultaneously collapsed into the bed in a fit of sweaty panting. Clay was on the right and Jon on the left. Clay turned to face Jon and moved up next to him. Clay wrapped his long arms around Jon and held him close.

“I missed you so much,” Jon said into Clay’s chest.

“I missed you too, Jonny,” Clay said and nuzzled the top of Jon’s head.

“I mean it,” Jon said, “I… I never got to tell you, before you went down to Pawtucket, that I think I... I l-” Jon was cut off by Josh clearing his throat from within the sitting room. Jon spun around to find Josh standing in the doorway, holding four buckets of ice.

“What have we here?” Josh asked with a smirk on his face. Jon gulped and Clay’s eyes widened. “I hope you enjoyed your surprise,” Josh said. He walked into the bedroom and put down the ice on the floor. “Because now,” he said facing the bed, “it’s my turn.” Josh smiled evilly as the two pitchers on the bed gulped hard.

My Little Damn Table
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