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Detective Conan. Agasa, Shinichi. 024. Family.

Title: Not Quite Family
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Agasa, Shinichi (General series)
Prompt: #24—family
Word Count: 2910 words
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: I do not own Detective Conan. It all belongs to Gosho Aoyama. I simply borrow the characters, tie them up, and dance them around like life-sized puppets. I do wish they’d stop complaining.
Summary: The first time they met, Kudo Shinichi was six days old. An Agasa fic.

Having known the Kudo family for a fair amount of time, Agasa Hiroshi was none too surprised when he was invited over to meet the newest addition to the family. He had been well aware that they had gone to the hospital and delivered the baby; the new father had called him with a certain degree of restrained sheepishness to ask the indulgent neighbor to please lock their front door, as they had forgotten to.

He immediately went next door and met his friends.

To say that Yukiko looked exhausted was a vast understatement. Her eyes had lost a little bit of their usual light, and she was pale. Even her hair was a bit lackluster. Still, she gave him one of her trademark dazzling smiles. She was worn and making an adjustment, but she was handling it relatively well.

The same, however, could not be said for the new father. Yuusaku couldn’t even muster up a convincing smile. He simply gave the doctor a wry look and muttered something to the effect of ‘that thing needs an off-switch.’ It seemed that the world renowned author was going to need some time to adjust to his role as the father of a newborn, and all the sleep deprivation that went with it.

That was when he first met Kudo Shinichi, who was the ripe old age of six days old.

At first glance, Agasa privately thought that Shinichi looked like his mother. But when the baby yawned and opened his eyes for a brief second, he saw that they were the exact same shade of blue as Yuusaku’s. In short, it wasn’t at all difficult to see the physical influences of both his parents in the infant. It seemed to go without saying that little Shinichi had really won the genetic lottery in regards to physical appearances.

This was a kid who would probably break hearts someday.

If he had half their collective intelligence, he was also going to be an intellectual force to be reckoned with. And if he had some of his parents’ more, ah, interesting personality traits…

This was a kid who would probably get in trouble. Lots and lots of trouble now and then.

And somehow, holding the infant and chatting with the new parents, Agasa couldn’t help but wonder just how much of that trouble he was going to get wrapped up in. It could be fun…


Shinichi brought a friend over to play before school one morning.

Her name was Mouri Ran, Shinichi said imperiously in a perfect imitation of Yuusaku at his most arrogant. He was in preschool, and he was already showing the signs. And he kept talking. Ran’s father was a police officer and her mother was a lawyer and their parents were old friends…

Ran herself was happy and eager to see the laboratory. Shinichi had described it to her, she said. He said it was an amazing place. Agasa was beaming with pride at that until she asked him when something was going to blow up. Shinichi had told her that there were always explosions over here, and that they looked and sounded really cool.

The good doctor sighed and resisted the friendly urge to strangle the neighbor’s son. Somehow, he thought that might put a bit of a strain on his relationship with the Kudo family. Instead, he happily showed Ran around the lab, ignoring Shinichi’s comments.

By the end of the tour, Agasa had decided that he liked the sweet little girl...who promptly got into an argument with Shinichi. And by the time the two of them scampered out, heading off to school, Agasa was pretty sure of a few other things as well.


They were going on an adventure today.

Agasa had been awakened by a secretive phone call from Kudo Shinichi. The seven-year-old seemed very furtive about the whole thing, whispering over the phone and asking if Agasa could drive him and Ran around for a while. They had a code to solve, and needed a little help. He seemed adamant that his parents, and particularly his father, should not know about this.

The doctor agreed to help and hung up the phone, privately thinking that if this turned out to be a serious situation of any kind, he would alert Yuusaku and Yukiko later. In the meantime, he was perfectly capable of keeping track of the kids. If things got dangerous, then he would pull the plug.

He was a bit alarmed when he heard the story, though. A mysterious, threatening figure who saw fit to call children out to a school library in the middle of the night to deliver ridiculously difficult codes? It did not sit well with Agasa, and he said so. But again, Shinichi was adamant. They could call the police later if need be. He was determined to solve the code himself.

Agasa couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy’s determination. He had his father’s love of all things puzzling and challenging, and had that signature sparkle of his mother’s while he was going at it.

It was all too easy, Agasa realized, to align that kid with his family’s influence.

In the end, he went along with it. Shinichi was a sharp kid, and he did have a point. If things got dangerous or went out of control, then they would call the police about it. There was no harm in playing this game for a little while.

And besides, it was nice to see Shinichi and Ran spending time together again. He hadn’t seen the two of them in each other’s company in quite a while. But Shinichi was…well, cold was the best word Agasa could come up with on the spot. And poor Ran didn’t seem to understand it anymore than the doctor did. But she smiled and went along without complaint.

When Shinichi called her Mouri, Agasa was actually stunned speechless. Still, Ran just smiled and said nothing until they’d reached the end of the treasure hunt and were up on a rooftop, overlooking a particularly beautiful sunset. Then she exploded, asking him to call her Ran again.

Thus, Agasa became a silent witness to Shinichi’s blushing agreement to call Ran by her first name, and the resulting hug. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the look on Shinichi’s face. Poor boy was flustered. It was remarkably similar to the effect Yukiko had on Yuusaku; she was more or less the only person who could throw the novelist completely off-balance.

Another little milestone in Shinichi’s young life had been passed: the realization that it was okay to be friends with a girl. The doctor was amused. He had the distinct feeling that Ran was going to be keeping Shinichi in line for a very long time.

After it was all over, he took Ran home. She was yawning as she climbed out of the car, earning a jibe from Shinichi. She glared and bid Agasa a good night before closing the car door and heading into the building. Once she was safely inside, he pulled away from the curb to head back towards their homes.

He realized that Shinichi had gone very quiet in the backseat. A glance in the rearview mirror proved that the boy was sitting with his head down and leaning to the side, his eyes closed, face expressionless.

Again, Agasa chuckled. After all that teasing of poor Ran over a little yawn, Shinichi had the nerve to go and fall asleep in the back seat of Agasa’s car. What a little tough guy.

He parked the car at his house and carried Shinichi next door. The kid barely even stirred as he was first lifted from the car, and then carried next door and handed over to his amused parents. When Yukiko asked him what they had all been up to all day, Agasa just smiled and said that they’d gone on an adventure around the city.

He also conveniently left out the little moment between Ran and Shinichi on that rooftop.


Kudo Shinichi, age fourteen (and a half), was spending a lot of time at Agasa’s house as of late.

When he noticed that doctor’s curious look as the teenager appeared on his doorstep yet again, he said that he was bored at home and was wondering what the old doc was up to and would this one explode as nicely as the last one had?

Agasa didn’t press the issue; he was sure he knew the real reason for this sudden spike in alleged interest in his experiments. But as he had done with many things regarding the neighbor boy over the years they had known each other, he kept it under his hat. He simply gave Shinichi a gentle thwap on the head with a convenient manila folder and went about business as usual.

His suspicions were confirmed one afternoon when Shinichi again came over after school. He was carrying his school satchel, which suggested that he hadn’t even gone home, but had come straight here. Agasa again made no comment, but went in search of tea.

When he came back with the tray, he saw Shinichi sitting on the couch with his knees pulled up to his chest. He wore the single most forlorn look the doctor had ever seen on his face. He looked…


Then again, any child would be lonely after their parents had moved to another country.

And contrary to what Shinichi tried to tell him, someone at fourteen years of age was still a child.

But he wouldn’t have let anyone see it; if he knew that Agasa was watching, he would never have let that expression rest on his face. He was his father’s son in that respect: too confident to admit to weakness, and too proud to ask for help. Instead, he came over as often as he thought he could get away with not necessarily because he was interested in what the doctor was doing, but because the doctor was there, period.

And chances were that when Shinichi wasn’t loitering around the lab, feigning interest in the various experiments and tests, he was trailing after Ran for the exact same reason.

Far be it for him to tell his friends how to raise their child. Lord knew he was a bachelor and certainly not a parent. But he had to wonder if Shinichi had been truthful in regards to his feelings about their move. It might not have changed their plans, but conversations with Yukiko had made it seem like he was fine with it. That was obviously not the case.

Not that there was much he could do now…

To save the lad embarrassment, he stepped back from the door and coughed loudly before entering. As he had expected, Shinichi had rapidly changed position. Where he had been curled up a moment before, he was now lounging in a typical teenaged fashion. Where his expression had been so lost and alone, he now wore a careful blend of boredom and alertness.

Still, Agasa felt like he should say something. As he set the tray down, he made a comment to the effect that if his parents had moved when he was Shinichi’s age, he would have been very lonely. And that it would be okay to feel that way in that situation.

Shinichi’s face was stony for a moment after that statement. Then he sighed and murmured a thank you as a flicker of that loneliness again revealed itself. He immediately buried his nose in his teacup to hide any further facial expression.

Agasa nodded and replied that Shinichi was welcome here any time.

…and he couldn’t help but add that Ran was also welcome any time. The resulting sputtering disclaimer and accompanying blush were both absolutely priceless.


It was ludicrous, but seemingly true. The little boy had more or less proven that he was Kudo Shinichi.

But Kudo Shinichi was seventeen years old, and the child currently standing on the sidewalk in front of him, wearing clothes that were far too large…well, the kid looked to be about seven or eight. A full decade too young to be who he was claiming to be.

Yet he had rattled off several facts that only Shinichi would know, and to add icing on the cake, he had also announced everything the doctor had done that evening based solely on the trace evidence on the doctor’s face and clothing. Doing things like that…it was practically a Shinichi trademark.

And so he was convinced, improbably as it all seemed. He helped the child into the Kudo house, listening to the incredible story. And he impressed on Shinichi the need for secrecy. It seemed to him that those men wanted Shinichi dead to keep him from revealing what he had seen, and so if they realized that they had failed once, they might come back to try again.

When Ran appeared, Agasa made a quick decision amidst the momentary panic, and set Shinichi up for what was probably simultaneously the best and worst time of his life. Shinichi, now under the unlikely alias of Edogawa Conan, was going to go live with Ran and her father while he searched for the men in black and a way to return to his normal self.

He waved them off with a smile. As soon as they were out of sight, he sighed and looked up towards the heavens, seeking some unknown answer from a deity that didn’t seem interested in answering him. It seemed that they were in for yet another adventure.

Life around Kudo Shinichi was many things, but it was certainly never boring.


With the fall of the Black Organization and the return of Kudo Shinichi (and the related disappearance of Edogawa Conan), Agasa found that he saw a good deal less of his neighbor. It was not altogether a surprising development. The kid had a second chance at a few things, and he was taking them.

Mouri Ran was the most prevalent of those second chances, and it seemed that they were spending a great deal of time together. A chance run-in with Megure-keibu at the grocery store had revealed that there were a good many rumors spreading about the young couple and the possibility of wedding bells being heard in the near future.

If that was true, then Shinichi really wasn’t wasting anymore time. Good for him.

It wasn’t that Agasa was lonely. Ai had remained in her childhood form, still living there with him. The children were frequent visitors as well, and they still enjoyed roping him into all sorts of adventures. There was plenty of conversation and laughter in the house, as well as the quieter moments between him and the girl he had essentially adopted as a daughter.

But he did miss Shinichi and their conversations on occasion. Still, Shinichi had his own life, and since he had been able to return to that life, he had thrown himself into it. He had even started playing soccer again, and Agasa had snuck out to watch one of his games. Shinichi was still as good as ever on the field.

Many months after Shinichi’s return, the doorbell rang. And it was Shinichi, standing on the doorstep with two decorated envelopes. He was grinning, and said that he thought it would be best if he delivered these two things in person.

The first was an invitation to Tantei High School’s graduation ceremony. That was actually a relief to see. It had been a source of stress and worry as to whether or not Shinichi would be able to catch up in school and graduate with the rest of his class, and it seemed that he had managed the seemingly insurmountable task.

The second was a wedding invitation.

Shinichi was grinning, and said that he hoped Agasa could make it to both.

They talked for a little while longer, standing on the doorstep of Agasa’s home. Shinichi declined to come inside, and after a short time he glanced at his watch and said that he needed to get going. He was due to meet Ran (now his fiancé) soon.

As he started to leave, he paused, and glanced back, and said two words.

Thank you.

And then he was gone. But there really was no need to elaborate on the statement.

Agasa knew what he meant.


Agasa Hiroshi had known the Kudo family for a very long time. He was almost a part of the family, really. The crazy uncle who always had the best (if slightly dangerous) toys. And he had lived next door to the Kudos for many, many years.

So he was none too surprised when he got a call to come over and meet the newest member of the family. He went next door immediately. Shinichi met him at the door and ushered him inside, where Ran was sitting with a very young child in her arms. She smiled up at the old doctor when he came in, and handed him the blanket-wrapped bundle.

Kudo Conan. One week old.

Agasa looked down at the baby, and he smiled. He certainly wasn’t getting any younger, but he was fairly sure that he had enough left him in to handle the adventures of one more child. If Conan was even half the handful his father was…

This was going to be fun.

PS. There aren’t many Agasa fics out there, I’ve realized. And as I am a sucker for underappreciated characters and relationships, I present this. Because Agasa REALLY does a lot for Shinichi. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

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