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Detective Conan. Shinichi, Yuusaku. 062. Spring.

Title: In the Air
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Shinichi, Yuusaku (General series)
Prompt: #62—spring
Word Count: 960 words
Rating: PG-13 (mentions of sex)
Author's Notes: I do not own Detective Conan. It all belongs to Gosho Aoyama. I simply borrow the characters, tie them up, and dance them around like life-sized puppets. I do wish they’d stop complaining.
Summary: Poor Shinichi. It’s tough being twelve years old AND the mature one in the family.

I. In which Yuusaku gets owned. Hard.

When his father entered the library, Shinichi moved his eyes to glance briefly in the direction of the door before returning his gaze to the book in his hands. Let dear old dad open whatever conversation he had come here to start. Shinichi’s first guess was that Dad was going to tell him to put the book down and go outside. It was a nice spring day, and growing boys needed fresh air.

But when it was silent for a moment, he chanced a second sidelong look and got a better idea of what kind of conversation he was in for. Whatever the topic was, it was probably quite embarrassing. Yuusaku was standing there silently, fidgeting a bit. But finally he spoke up. “Shinichi…son…your mother wanted me to talk to you about sex.”

Ah, so that’s what it was. Of course his mother had put him up to this. If it was anything even remotely circumspect, Yuusaku would have had to be beaten and forced into it. There was also that oh-so-hilarious suggestion, that inference that at twelve years of age, Shinichi was unaware of the Facts of Life. Unbeknownst to his father, it was something Shinichi had known for ages. It really was common schoolyard knowledge.

But his father looked uncharacteristically nervous. So as Shinichi saw it, he had two options. He could watch his father stumble through this explanation—which would be funny, but plenty embarrassing for the boy of them in the end—or…

Shinichi closed his book, keeping one finger between the pages to mark his place, and looked up at his father. “You want to discuss sex?”


“Okay, Dad. What do you want to know?”

The look on Yuusaku’s face was, to say the least, absolutely priceless. His mouth was poised half-open, and he couldn’t have looked more stunned if Shinichi had just informed him that he was dating Kaitou Kid. It was easily one of the most entertaining things Shinichi had ever seen.

After a moment of watching the famous novelist open and close his mouth like a halibut caught on a hook, Shinichi piped up again. “I even know some of the things you say during it!”

While Yuusaku stared in horror, Shinichi put one finger to his chin in a gesture of thought and leaned his head back before speaking in a high-pitched voice. “Oh god, oh my god…yes…that’s the spot, right th—“

The library door slammed shut. Yuusaku had apparently fled.

Shinichi stared at the door for a moment, then chuckled and went back to his book.

It was a rare day when he was able to one-up his father.

A rare day, indeed.

II. In which Ran is subjected to total mortification.

Ran came over, at Shinichi’s invitation, to watch a move. It was a drab, gray day, perfect for curling up with a warm drink and a good friend to watch a giant lizard stomping Tokyo.

As the afternoon went on, they began to hear sounds. After a while, it became clear that these sounds had nothing at all to do with the movie; they were coming from somewhere inside the Kudo house. And eventually, it got to the point where they couldn’t even pretend to ignore the noises. They were even to the point of drowning out the sounds of the big guy knocking over buildings and squishing helpless pedestrians on the screen.

Ran’s eyes widened. “I-is that…?” she flushed a bright crimson.

Shinichi frowned. “Oh geez…hang on.”

While Ran watched him curiously, he got up and walked through the doorway to stand at the foot of the stairs. He looked up towards the second floor for a moment before cupping his hands around his mouth and calling up, “Hey, Dad! That sound means a little more to the right!”


Shinichi smirked and went back to a still-blushing Ran and the movie, where Godzilla was cheerfully destroying a bridge. All was well with the world.

Two days later, there was a knock at the Kudos’ front door. Shinichi scampered over to answer, and found a man standing there with a clipboard in his hand. “Can I help you?” the boy asked politely.

The man cleared his throat. “I got a call about soundproofing some walls?”

III. In which a decision is made.

Yuusaku had intended to spend some “quality time” with Yukiko. He wasn’t really the kind to let something like having a son in the house put a damper on things. Especially with their newly-soundproofed walls.

Unfortunately, there was one obstacle to their afternoon of enjoyment.

Namely, the aforementioned son.

Who wasn’t going to leave them in peace.

Shinichi insisted on wandering in and out of their bedroom. He was a determined little brat, too—he wasn’t letting something as measly as a locked door stop him. Fortunately, they hadn’t gotten too far along before he had entered under the pretense of looking for his school notebook. Unable to locate it, he absented himself again, leaving his parents to return to their activities.

They didn’t get too far, though, before Shinichi walked back in again. This time, he said he couldn’t find his copy of The Sign of Four. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t there. He left again, but came back far too soon to look for a pen.

…and his headphones.

…and one of his shoes.

…and a misplaced soccer ball.

When Shinichi walked in for probably the eighth time in under ten minutes, Yukiko flopped back to the bed, giving up. Yuusaku, on the other hand, finally snapped and roared at him. “What now?”

Shinichi paused, then grinned. “I forgot.”

The next day, Yuusaku and Yukiko announced that they were moving to America come the spring.

PS. Three short scenes, brought together by a common theme. Many thanks to clover_magic for helping with the ideas that went into this. And with this, we have reached seventy. Only thirty left—the number of themes found in your average theme comm. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: detective conan: general series

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