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Matthew Seely 02

Title: Five Things Matt Seely Never Told Bug, But Wanted To
Fandom: Crossing Jordan
Characters: Matt Seely, Bug
Prompt: 002. Middles
Word Count: 231
Rating: T
Summary: Five things Matt Seely never told Bug, but wanted to.
Author's Notes: For Veda, with love and squalor. ^^

"I want you."

Bug had already hung up by the time he managed to get the words out. Matt started kicking himself the moment the dial tone registered, and didn't stop until Jordan arrived at the crime scene, kit in hand.


"I missed you."

He repeated it like a refrain, a chorus, over and over as he stared at the mirror. He didn't move for twenty minutes, he just kept on like a record that had been scratched beyond recognition, save for that one line.

He didn't say it when Bug arrived on his doorstep, bearing a six-pack and a bag of Chinese food.


"I need you."

Matt sighed under his breath, turning back to the bodies in front of him. He stared at the floor, feeling like a complete and utter fool.

"You don't understand-" He had managed to start, but Bug was already turned away, walking towards the door.

"I need you."


"I love you."

He whispered the words into Bug's back, the last time they were together. Bug's only response was a slightly louder than usual snore.


"I hate you."

The words froze on his tongue, unable to move past his lips as they passed. Lily smiled at him, Bug didn't seem to even notice he was there, as they ducked the flying rice, heading quickly for the limo.

He didn't know who he was talking to anymore.

Tags: crossing jordan: matthew seely
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