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Wicked (novel) - Glinda Upland/Elphaba Thropp - 002. Middles & 003. Ends

Title: Falling Away (2/3)
Fandom: Wicked (novel)
Characters: Galinda Upland/Elphaba Thropp
Prompt: 002. Middles
Word Count: 1452
Rating: PG. Some kissing.
Summary: Part 2 of 3. A disgruntled Elphaba turns up at Caprice-in-the-Pines, Galinda confuses herself, and Boq further complicates things.
Author's Notes: Again, portions of dialouge were lifted directly from Maguire's book.

( Follow the fake lj-cut! )

Title: Falling Away (3/3)
Fandom: Wicked (novel)
Characters: Glinda Upland/Elphaba Thropp
Prompt: 003. Ends
Word Count: 750
Rating: PG - implied sex.
Summary: Part 3/3. Emerald City adventures and a righteously angry Elphaba.
Author's Notes: There's a line or two of dialouge that was directly lifted from Maguire's text. Just FYI.
Table is here.

( And another fake cut. )
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