March 31st, 2006


Toy Soldiers: Billy Tepper. Prompt 90 - Home.

Title: Go When I Am Lost
Fandom: Toy Soldiers
Characters: Billy Tepper, Joey Trotta
Prompt: 090 - Home
Word Count: 1133
Rating: PG
Summary: Apartment hunting is never easy.
Author's Notes: Post-canon. me.
Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Island World Productions, apparently. But I doubt they'll notice if I borrow them.

Link: It's late to be looking for an apartment.

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Title: Twist
Fandom: Prison Break
Characters: Lincoln Burrows/Michael Scofield
Prompt: #21, “Friends”
Word Count: 874
Rating: PG-13
Summary: thelana’s plotbunny: Pre-Prison Michael/Lincoln: A truth or dare type of game, Lincoln is blindfolded and has to guess who is kissing him, and somebody thinks it would be a funny idea to fetch Michael and sneak him into it.
Author’s Notes: This story deals with incest and slash. If that offends you, please do not read it. This is for Prompt #21, “Friends” (and the stupid things they do).


“Truth or Dare?” Debbie asked, and Lincoln was the kind of guy that always picked “Dare.”

Cyborg 009. General. 001. Beginnings.

Title: A Happy Beginning
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Characters: Albert Heinrich (004)
Prompt: 001, Beginnings
Word Count: 254
Rating: G
Summary: Epilogue for 'Man or Machine?'. Spoilers apply.
Author's Notes: *sigh* I've already written a fic that deals the issues brought up by 'Man or Machine?', but this prompt seemed to call for this fic and I wanted to use my shiny new icon. Forgive me.

Please see the table for my previous fics.

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Craig - Peace sign

Title: Taking Care of Things

Title: Taking Care of Things
Author: Anorienbean
Characters: Craig Parker/David Wenham
Prompt: 089 Work
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not true, didn’t happen, wish it would, wish I could make money from this, but I don’t.
Author’s Note: I blame this totally on bijou69. She and I were squeeing over the pictures that fileg posted in dave_uncensored, and I mentioned that I used to do makeup behind the scenes at some local plays. And of course she turned this into a bunny and I couldn’t even do my transcription until I’d written it! ♥ to you Bijou, cause I adore you even though I'm pretty sure you're evil underneath all that sweetness! :P
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Title: Under the Stars
Fandom: Navy NCIS
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ziva David
Prompt: #45 Moon
Word Count: 491
Rating: PG
Summary: Abby is upset. Ziva tries to make her feel better.
Author's Notes: I'm betaless for this one, so color me nervous.

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(Under the Stars)


Title: Taking Chances: Part Two
Fandom: Navy NCIS
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ziva David
Prompt: #1 Beginnings
Word Count: 1,503
Rating: R
Summary: Ziva invites Abby for dinner. Romance and complications ensue.
Author's Notes:
These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

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(Taking Chances - Part Two)
Young Theo Hat

What does your dream home look like?

A year before the Big Death

Theadora sat next to her mom in their living room watching the TV. "Hey mom, guess what?"

A smile passed over the older woman's face, "What Theo?"

"I'm going to win the lottery someday and get us all out of this place."

"Oh, you are, are you? And just where will you be taking us?" She loved spending time with her daughter like this. She's starting to get to an age that talking to her mother wasn't the 'cool' thing to do any more.

"We're going to go someplace where it's warm all year round... I'm gonna build us a house and each of us are going to have our own room."

"All of us?"

"Of course... though Theaston will have to grovel before I'll let him in."

Laughing, she reached over and ruffled her daughters hair, "So what will our home look like?"

"MOM!" Pulling out a pick and working to get her hair back into place, "Big... so big you can't even imagine it. And we'd always have heat and power... of course since it will be warm all year long, we won't need it. There will be a huge pool in the back and you, daddy and grandma won't ever have to work again, cause I'll pay for it all."

"That sounds great munchkin, now you go finish your homework and study so that if we don't win the lottery, we'll still get that big home..."

"Oh... mom..." but she got up anyway, she had a test in the morning and she needed to be ready.
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Fullmetal Alchemist. Edward/Alphonse Elric. 001. Beginnings.

Title: Spark
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric
Prompt: #1 Beginnings
Word Count: 751
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There are days, summer-bright and sticky with humidity that seem like everything is unbearable because it is so miserably hot
Author's Notes: asdfjkl; fluff. I wrote fluff. WTF? un-beta-ed, suggestions, comments, concrit appreciated.

( There are days, summer-bright and sticky with humidity that seem like everything is unbearable because it is so miserably hot )
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BtVS/AtS: Faith Lehane

Since I think it'd be unfair to post 34 prompts to the community today, here's the link to my newly updated table for Faith Lehane. Along with a fic:

Title: Change of Heart
Author: Sweetness (
Pairing: implied Faith/Giles
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Notes: Written for fanfic100 for prompt #96 (writer’s choice). Set during BTVS Season Three. What if Faith had gotten cold feet about working for the Mayor?

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Fic 3 of 100

Title: A Tactical Kind of Love
Fandom: Whose Line is it Anyway?
Characters: Greg Proops/Wayne Brady
Prompt: 002. Middles
Word Count: 856
Rating: R
Summary: Seduction is like a game of Risk.(yeah I suck at summaries)

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Bucky/elvis never could carry a tune

House M.D Chase/Wilson 065. Passing

Title: Kind Words and a Loaded Gun
Fandom: House MD
Characters: Wilson, House, Foreman, Cameron, Cuddy
Prompt: 065. Passing
Word Count: 1207
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Chase/Wilson Death fic- but with a twist. Essentially, how the characters react after Chase commits suicide. It's incredibly insensitive and I've tried to give it a sort of black humour thing.
Author's Notes: The strangest, possibly cruelest thing I've ever written. It's surprisingly flippant, given the subject matter. I would not actually be this flippant if Chase died in canon. Hell, I cried enough when Stacy kissed House. Anyway, if this makes you uncomfortable the way it made me, um, sorry. And I apologise to anyone this offends. Just in case.

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024. Family


Saiyuki: Genjo Sanzo-024. Family

Title: "Noisy"
Fandom: Saiyuki
Characters: Sanzo, also Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai.
Prompt: 024. Family
Word Count: 110
Summary/notes: Another bit of drabble. Some japanese words in the story. Ex. Nodoka=quiet.

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Longing 2 (DW/SB/VM)

Title: Longing 2....(A series of drabbles)
Author: bijou
Fandom: RPS
Pairing: David Wenham / Sean Bean & Viggo Mortensen.
Rating: R-rated.
Prompt: 077. What?
Words: 100, a drabble
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, it’s just for fun and no profit is being made.
It's not meant to imply anything about the sexual practices of anyone mentioned herein.

Link to my Big Damn Table.


Longing 2