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Babylon 5: Vir Cotto, Prompt 060 - Drink/Prompt 049 - Club

Title: Pawn
Fandom: Babylon 5
Characters: Vir (Londo)
Prompt: 060 - Drink
Word Count: 248
Rating: General Audience

Vir had given Londo his loyalty, and Londo had used it as a game piece.


Third Season. Missing scene for And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place. Originally written for theatrical_muse.


Vir hadn’t betrayed Londo, even though a large part of him had screamed that he should if only to escape the emotional exhaustion. He hadn’t betrayed him, and for his trouble, an assault was his reward, fast and careless fingers tearing through the layers of his mind to find the secret beneath. Then, for hours afterwards, he sat under armed guard, shivering and alone, his nose running - sometimes with flecks of crimson. For hours, he sat, needing the toilet, wanting a bath, and, most of all, wanting sleep.

Sleep had come later thanks to Londo and two pills - twenty standard hours of sweaty, restless, nightmare-ridden sleep. Only when he had awoken and the drug induced fog had cleared from his mind did it register that Londo had had the pills in his quarters already. He had known before Vir had told him.

When the pieces of the plan were finally laid out before Vir, it took awhile before confusion gave way to anger - and it took longer still before Londo noticed.

And when he did, he didn’t understand.

Londo knew Vir. He had predicted - correctly - that Vir wouldn’t betray his family - wouldn’t betray him - unless he were forced to do so - and he exploited that knowledge. Vir had given Londo his loyalty, and Londo had used it as a game piece.

Clearing his kitchen, Vir came across a bottle of brivari - 2213, a good vintage. And, with one glance at his open luggage, he decided to get drunk.


Title: Vices
Fandom: Babylon 5
Characters: Londo & Vir
Prompt: 049 - Club
Word Count: 282
Rating: General Audience

Londo doesn't like to be interrupted when he's having fun.

Author’s Note:

This scene takes place in 2258 between Born to the Purple and Parliament of Dreams. Originally written over at vir_cotto_tm.


The dim light of the club was hardly fit for a myopic young Centauri, so Vir heard the ambassador bellow his name before he saw him - and he stumbled several times over people and chair legs as he crossed the room, paperwork in hand, toward Londo’s table.

“Ah, if it isn’t my killer of merriment,” Londo said as Vir, apologizing profusely, mopped a spilled drink off a young lady’s blue dress. “And you have brought work, I see?”

“Just a few things. I-I-I was starting the preparations for the negotiations over the trade routes in Quadrant 16, and I just had a few- oh!” Vir cut himself off with a squeak as Londo firmly plopped him into a nearby chair. “Or, you know, I-I could sit and watch the show.”

“Vir,” Londo began in a stern baritone. “You have lived on Babylon 5 for quite some time now, yes?” Vir nodded, suddenly apprehensive. “But it occurs to me that, in all this time, I have not properly introduced you. So - sit. I will buy you a drink - and perhaps,” Londo added with a wave of his hand and a flash of his feral teeth, “see to some other services - and you will come to know Babylon 5 as I know it. Yes?”

“Oh, but I-I don’t drink, Ambassador.”

More than that, there was a scent hanging in the air that was activating his asthma. But Londo paid Vir’s protestations no heed, and soon Vir found himself shyly resisting the lips and wandering hands of a slender alien woman, his blush deepening to the approximate color of a linfra berry.

From that point forward, Vir never brought work to the Dark Star.

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