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Final Fantasy VII. General Series. 033. Too Much - The Ultimate FanFic Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ultimate FanFic Challenge!

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Final Fantasy VII. General Series. 033. Too Much [Dec. 26th, 2005|09:21 pm]
The Ultimate FanFic Challenge!



Title: Once Upon A Time
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Focus: General Series
Characters: Aeris
Prompt: 033. Too Much
Word Count: 573
Rating: PG
Summary: No comfort in the world would keep her death from hurting.
Author's Notes: Maiden who Travels the Planet reveals that Aeris knew she was going to die. How hard was it to know?

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII isn't mine and the story isn't written for profit.

Big Damn Table

It had been so easy to dismiss as a dream, first. A dream about a beautiful fairy tale city that was made of crystal, with gentle, ethereal light washing over her as she knelt down on the altar, a prayer already easing off her tongue. But it was always that prayer that gave away the truth, that it wasn't just a dream, that one day she would know how to whisper words she had never heard before in her life by heart, that no matter how comforting the light brushing over her from above was, no comfort in the world would keep her death from hurting.

And she would never see Cloud's face again.

Of course, he wasn't the only one she would miss. How could he be, with so many new people in her life? She would miss Tifa and her silent compassion, the way she could smile warmly even when one of them said Cloud's name in wrong tone and they suddenly became uncomfortable with each other. She would miss Barret and his passionate love for the entire world, even with the anger and bitterness following him in an ugly trail. She would miss Nanaki who was mature beyond his age and Yuffie who never seemed to run out of spirit, and while there was always something off about Cait Sith and there were still two to join them (eight friends, the Planet had promised), she was sure she would miss them as well. But the most painful longing always came with Cloud, because she had never met him for real.

She knew that a man called Cloud Strife was the one she saw every day, cool and cocky and trying so hard to not care, but there was always something between them that kept her from really seeing him, a shroud she could never pull aside. Something that made Cloud look like he was awkward with his own body, like he didn't always speak with his own words, like another man's soul lingered in his beautiful blue eyes.

Real Cloud Strife was twisted and muted, and there was no other person in the world she would have liked to know better, and realizing that it would never happen simply hurt. Her eyes were teary when she finally opened them, the vision of her death still fresh and sharp in her mind as she sat up on the bed, glancing over to the other beds in the inn room. Yuffie had already left; probably off to enjoy Cosmo Canyon's spectacular sunrise, but Tifa was still sitting on the edge of her own bed, brushing her long hair and smiling to Aeris as their eyes met.

"You slept long," the other woman remarked mildly, lowering the brush down on the bed and proceeding to tie her hair in a loose ponytail, watching Aeris curiously. Tifa was at ease now, but even so there was warrior's vibrant strength to her every moment. Aeris tried to believe that it was only right that Tifa would live long after Aeris herself was gone. Tifa furrowed her brows at her absent expression, but her lips drew soon in a knowing little smile, and she asked with a playful glint to her eyes: "So, just how interesting was that dream?"

It had to be a miracle, but somehow she didn't break.

"Oh, I forgot it already," she lied, and allowed her hair to fall over her eyes.

[User Picture]From: andersenmom
2006-06-14 08:59 pm (UTC)

Once Upon a Time

Nicely done. I liked the description of Cloud; it seems to fit really well.

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[User Picture]From: bofoddity
2006-06-16 08:04 am (UTC)

Re: Once Upon a Time

Thanks! Cloud is my favorite character, and I like to watch him through another favorite's eyes.
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